Delve into the vegetation of Parc de la Pegaso

If you have had a hard day at work or just want to go out and play with your children, we recommend Pegaso Park, very close to your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sagrera. A green space with lush vegetation. You can choose between the most open or other areas with more shadows and more trees. Walking through the park you will discover a winding canal that you can cross through the small bridges, inspired by the traditional Japanese.

It is one of the most emblematic places of Sant Andreu and has a large number of equipment. Benches in the shade of palm trees, esplanades of bananas, a sports center surrounded by a walk with pergola, playgrounds… A natural paradise within Barcelona.

The vegetation that you saw throughout the park is inspired by riverside landscapes with fainting, poplars, poplars from Canada, umbrellas and cypresses. There are even large groups of bamboo, papyrus and tamarisks near the water! An excellent combination of native species with more exotic ones.

The park has multiple services so that your moment of relaxation and distraction is complete. Play basketball, enjoy a game of volleyball, meet friends to play football or petanque and stay connected, whenever you want, with the WiFi service.

Did you know that the name of this park is related to the world of trucks? The area currently occupied by the Pegasus Park was formerly a truck factory that produced Pegasus trucks.

Very close to your new construction rental apartment, just five minutes walk, you have an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. Seize it!



c/ Rovira i Virgili 317 / c/ Sagrera, 179-197


From 8 in the morning until sunset.