Villa Amèlia and Villa Cecília, gardens 5 minutes from your home

With a 5-minute walk from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Sarrià – Bonaplata you will reach the gardens of Villa Amèlia and Villa Cecília, old private gardens that are now open to the public. A very careful natural space, ideal to play with children, relax or be inspired.

The gardens of Villa Amèlia have a French style, with imposing trees and very diverse species. Centennial trees such as palm trees, bananas or pine trees are not lacking. Its vegetation is captivating and there are a lot of roads where children enjoy running by bicycle or scooter.

It has a playground with equipment for different ages and ping-pong tables. One of the most charming points is its terrace, a quiet and ideal place to have a snack or even eat. Other prominent places are the lake, where the sculpture of a nymph emerges, and the hill.

Right next to these gardens, you will find the Villa Cecília gardens. To the right of the entrance of the gardens begins the water channel in which the bronze sculpture of Ophelia lies.

The vegetation, as in the gardens of Villa Amèlia, is one of the great attractions of Villa Cecília. Green walls of cypresses, trees with more than one hundred years of history, pines, bananas, lime trees, cedars and even a copy of Butia capitata, a type of palm tree rare in Barcelona.

In these gardens the Civic Center of Sarrià is located, which offers various workshops and activities for all ages. If you have children from 0 to 6 years old, you can enjoy the free playroom service, which opens mornings and afternoons. There is also a sports track and exercise games to activate the body of young and old.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city very close to your rental home in BeCorp · Sarrià – Bonaplata. Relax in a pleasant atmosphere and give children fun moments in a safe space of great aesthetic and historical value.