Virtual reality in the Sant Just antiaircraft shelter

In 1938, the residents of Sant Just Desvern built an air raid shelter to protect the civilian population from the bombings and dangers of war. Currently, this historic construction has been rehabilitated to offer visits to the public.

Feel the past of Sant Just in your own skin and surprise yourself with the virtual reality experience less than 2 km from your new rental apartment in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern.

The refuge is located on Montserrat street, number 2, and has an extension of 165 meters to 8 meters underground. The visitable route is limited to the first 70 meters and is accessed from the courtyard of Les Escoles. Outside, you can see different murals and sculptures inspired by the disasters of war.

testimonio refugio antiaereo actividad sant just desvern

Relive the story of Sant Just Desvern through virtual reality. Meet the 5 characters, represented by renowned actors, and discover their stories with a 360º experience. A 100% immersive visit! Choose your character, find the associated sculpture and enjoy with the virtual reality glasses.

Immerse yourself in the spaces and situations recreated, based on the anecdotes told by the real testimonies that occupied the shelter during the bombing of January 1939. How did the girl bombing live? And a wounded young man? How would a pregnant woman or an elder feel? Live the different perspectives with the representation of great actors such as Clara Segura, Marta Domingo, Jordi Domènech, Just Fosalva and Laia Brufau.

testimonio refugio antiaereo actividad sant just desvern

The testimonies of the citizens of Sant Just who lived in the bombings of 1938 and 1939 are today the memory of what has been lived in the shelter and the voices that have helped carry out the project. Teresa, Pilar, Rafael, Mercè, Rosa, Bartomeu … are just some of the names that told us about their experiences. Do you want to meet them? Read their first person stories here.

This space, now open to the public, was closed for many years and few knew of its existence. It was even used as a mushroom orchard during the postwar years! Now you can visit it very close to your new rental home in BeCorp · Sant Just Desvern.