Visit the Anís del Mono factory in Badalona

One of the modernist icons of Badalona is the historic Anís del Mono Factory, just a 10-minute walk from your rental apartment in Becorp · Badalona. Visit a jewel that still preserves all its artistic and heritage value.

In 1868 the brothers Josep and Vicenç Bosch founded the factory where, for more than 150 years, one of the most popular and appreciated anise brands in the world has been made: Anís del Mono.

Fabrica Anís del Mono Badalona, cerca pisos alquiler Becorp

Visiting the factory, you will discover the distillation room, where anise is made by hand, the modernist-style management office, or the archive. Immerse yourself in a space where you can still breathe the aroma of the 19th century and remember the emblematic advertising campaigns for this product, promoted by Vicenç Bosch and with posters by Ramon Casas. Stroll among the furniture of high historical value and let yourself be overshadowed by the secrets and anecdotes of its mythical bottle and label.

So much is the value of this iconic brand for the people of Badalona that, on July 7th, 2012, a statue in his honor was inaugurated on the Badalona seafront. It consists of a 200 kg monkey figure, sculpted in bronze. Do you want to know a curiosity? They also replicated the statue in chocolate! It was in 2012, when the students of the Barcelona pastry school presented it for the V Edition of the Contest for the Best Pastry Specialty.

Fábrica Anís del Mono en Badalona, cerca pisos alquiler Becorp

If you want to know the process of making this drink and imagine how they worked in the factory through the different decades, book your visit by calling 933 841 750. The tour takes place at the Anís del Mono Factory, c / Eduardo Maristany, 115, and lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Learn all the details of the history of your city visiting the attractions of your surroundings. From your rental apartment in Becorp · Badalona, you are very close to everything.