Wellness moment at the Barcelona Maritime Spa

Do you know the benefits of thalassotherapy? We encourage you to discover them at the Barcelona Maritime Spa. It will be very easy to get to it from your rental apartment in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rambla Guipúscoa. The best option is with public transport, either on the L4 of the metro or with bus 136.

The Barcelona Maritime Spa uses sea water, very beneficial for the skin, in a therapeutic way. It is a space where you can relax and unwind enjoying different equipment.

In the spa area you will find sensation showers that recreate the atmosphere of fresh breeze, tropical rain and a bucket shower; bath of contrasts between its warm pool and the cold pool; infrared rest area; dry sauna; Mediterranean sauna; steam bath and ice fountain.

You can also enjoy the spa_system method exclusively, three circuits designed to get the most out of the services of the Barcelona Maritime Spa. The RELAX circuit encourages relaxation of the muscles, the PURIFY circuit helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, and the EXCITE circuit gives you renewed vitality. All this is achieved with a studied combination of cold, heat and rest.

Spa Marítim Barcelona, cerca pisos de alquiler BeCorp · Barcelona - Guipúscoa

And that’s not all. The club’s Talassa space is a unique space in Barcelona. In it you have two swimming pools with sea water and recreational effects that will immerse you in a complete state of peace. Sea water combined with the warm temperature and the effects of bubbles, foams and jets have relaxing effects on the body and mind.

In the water circuit you can enjoy the hot tub with small bubbles, the bunk bed with large bubbles, the countercurrents, the seats, the hydrojets with foam, the gooseneck and the waterfall to improve neck and back contractures.

Did you know that up to 92 simple elements have been counted in the chemical composition of seawater? Take the time and care you need and relax in this space of calm and health near your apartment for rent in BeCorp · Barcelona – Rambla Guipúscoa.