Why rent an apartment?

If you are thinking of becoming independent or want to move to another floor, we want to help you. The number of people who rent a home has increased in recent years. In many countries in Europe, the majority of the population prefers to pay a monthly rent for the rent and not be tied with the purchase of their own home. Why? We tell you in three words: money, time and happiness.

Save money and enjoy the freedom of not having to borrow

To start living in a rental apartment you don’t need big savings. The initial expenses are lower than in the case of the purchase, so if you do not have a large amount of money in your account, do not worry! You will not need to ask for a loan.

In addition, you will save certain repairs, community spills or Real Estate Tax (IBI). And don’t forget about unforeseen expenses… You won’t have to worry about it either and you’ll have more financial control. Have you thought about the amount of money involved?

More time for what really matters

A morning of queues to the administration, days of negotiation with the bank, headaches with so much paperwork or endless efforts. Do you fancy any of these plans? We are sure that the answer is NO! Choose to rent and do not waste your time.

Renting a home is a much easier and faster management and will require less paperwork than buying it. Change the moments of burden between documents and managers for moments enjoying the comfort of your new home. Making the decision will also not take you as much time to retrain as buying a flat. The risk of error is lower, so you can choose without worrying and start living.

alquilar piso felicidad ahorro

Choose to live happily

Saving money and time is very important but the main objective of our day should be a much more basic one: to achieve happiness. Can renting help you live happier? Yes! We discover how.

As we have said, to rent an apartment you will need less savings and you will not have to tie yourself to a mortgage or long-term loans. Not having debts and controlling all expenses will make you live in a comfortable tranquility.

Renting is the ideal option if you need flexibility and freedom in your life. Change your flat or population as many times as you want without problems. Your home should be the one that suits your life, and not vice versa. Live near work, your family or the environment you’ve always dreamed of.

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Access to higher quality apartments, with unique services and spaces, for the same price. Would you like to enjoy Gym, CoWorking, CoLiving, Bike Room, swimming pool, Smart Point, Free WiFi … in your home? In your BeCorp rental apartment, you have it.

And you will not only enjoy these services. With the money you save, you can travel, go out to dinner with your partner, invite the children to an amusement park, go to the movies on the weekend … Imagine it. Do you feel the happiness?

Discover the BeCorp rental apartments and start a new way of living.

BeCorp. Be Happy.