Work or study in the CoWorking of your rental apartment

We are already in September! The quintessential month of going back to work, college or school. Your Becorp rental apartment helps you get back to your routine with all the comfort and motivation. Without leaving home, you have a CoWorking space with meeting rooms. You want to know more? We will tell you in detail.

Becorp rental apartments are designed to make your life easier, with many common spaces that allow you to work, go to the gym, the pool or relax in community without leaving your building. CoWorking offers you all the advantages of being in an office, with large work desks, network socket, WiFi and meeting rooms.

Its diaphanous, modern and well-lit design invites you to work with maximum comfort and concentration. The spacious tables are great for both solo and small group work. The work environment is silent and without distractions to encourage the concentration of other coworkers, so if you need a space to meet to discuss, you can book the Meeting Room. Whether you are a “freelance”, student, work in an office or have a project in mind … Becorp’s CoWorking will be your best ally.

Piso de alquiler con CoWorking Becorp

What advantages does a CoWorking offer you in your rental apartment?

Ideal for teleworking

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new scenario in which teleworking and online classes have gained much prominence. In this situation, having a space equipped to work comfortably from home is a highly valued privilege.

Eliminate distractions

Pauses that are too long, putting on the washing machine, more people at home … Concentrating working at home can be a difficult task and lengthen your workday unnecessarily. Are you preparing an exam? Don’t waste time with distractions. In a few minutes you will arrive at your CoWorking, without leaving the building, to make the most of every minute of work and fill yourself with motivation.

Expand your networking

Working alone, apart from being boring, offers few opportunities. Surrounding yourself with a professional environment expands your contact list, allows you to agree on collaborations or resolve doubts with colleagues.

Create a routine and schedule

Endless days? Hours 24 hours? Set limits and enjoy greater productivity. Set a schedule, establish a workplace in the CoWorking of your Becorp rental apartment and improve the discipline of your work routines. Gain quality of life and leisure time without losing time flexibility.

Professional image

Offer a more professional image to your clients and collaborators. The CoWorking of the Becorp rental apartments, as well as the reception and the other common spaces, show a careful aesthetic down to the last detail. Meet in a comfortable place and have the space you need for your meetings, presentations or daily work.

Save time and money on travel

Have you thought about all the time you waste going to the office? Do you study on the bus on the way to the library because they don’t give you the hours? Make the most of your time. From your rental apartment to CoWorking? Just a few minutes!

CoWorking con salas de reunión

Join the new way of renting, hire your Becorp apartment online and start enjoying all the advantages of the community. Getting back to the routine has never been so easy!