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This Cookies Policy informs about the cookies or similar technologies that are installed on your device when accessing and using the web page hosted at (the “Web”) operated by CorpEdificacions, S.L. (the “Company”).

In the context of this Cookies Policy, the term “cookies” is used to refer to cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels, web beacons or fingerprinting techniques.

This website may use cookies that allow the processing of your personal data. Please visit the Privacy Policy for information on how the Company treats your personal data when using cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page to store and retrieve, among other things, information about the number of visits and the browsing behavior of users or their devices.

Cookies are used so that web pages work, or do so in a more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website.

What type of cookies does this website use?

In general terms, cookies can be classified according to these criteria:

  1. Essential: they are strictly necessary for the Website to function and to allow you to browse the Website as requested by you. Some examples are the activation of basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the Web or the customization of the presentation of the Web (for example, the language). Without these cookies, the Website may not function properly or may not function as requested by you.
  2. Non-essential: these are all other cookies that do not fall into the previous category and include analytical or advertising cookies. These cookies are installed on your device only after obtaining your consent.

Essential and non-essential cookies on this website can be classified according to the following criteria:


  • Session: They expire at the end of the browser session (usually when the browser is closed or the device is turned off) and collect and store data while you access the Web.
  • Persistent: they are stored on your device for a period longer than the browser session. The duration of persistent cookies is set by the person responsible for the cookie and can be from a few minutes to several years.

Entity that manages the cookie:

  • Own: they are managed directly by the editor of the Web.
  • Third parties: they are managed by editors of other web pages different from the Web and normally occurs when the Web incorporates elements from other web pages (such as images or social network plugins) or when third parties are contracted to provide services to the Company through of the Web.


  • Techniques: they allow you to navigate through the Web and use the different functionalities or services, such as controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted areas of the Web, using security systems or storing, disclosing and/or share content.
  • User preferences: they allow to remember information for you to access the Web with specific characteristics, such as the desired language to browse the Web.
  • Analytics: allow us to understand how you interact with the Web by monitoring and analyzing your behavior, and for the purpose of improving the Web.
  • Behavioral advertising: they allow you to analyze your Internet browsing habits so that you can be shown advertising related to your browsing profile.

Below, you will find more information about the cookies used on this website:

Techniques (essential cookies)

Name Entity Purpose Duration More info
_GRECAPTCHA google Needed for the captcha to work. Stores a code to prevent user identity theft. 5 months 4 weeks 1 day

Used to detect if the visitor has accepted the marketing category in the cookie banner. This cookie is necessary for GDPR-compliance of the website.

2 years
rc::a google Necesario para distinguir humanos de bots. Persistent
rc::b google Needed to distinguish humans from bots. Persistent
rc::c Needed to distinguish humans from bots. Persistent
cookiefirst-id be-corp This cookie contains your unique ID so that CookieFirst can identify unique visitors to this website. 11 months 3 weeks 5 days

User preferences (essential cookies)

Name Entity Purpose Duration More info



Be-corp This cookie name is associated with a multilingual WordPress plugin from WPML. Stores a language value for the website. When the cookie is set in response to a user action or request, and as long as it has a short lifespan, it can be treated as strictly necessary. 1 day to 27 seconds
cookiefirst-consent app.cookiefirst This cookie saves your cookie preferences for this website. You can easily change them or withdraw your consent. 11 months 3 weeks 5 days

Analytics (non-essential cookies)

Name Entity Purpose Duration More info
_gid Be-corp Registers a unique ID for a website visitor, tracks how the visitor uses the website. The data is used for statistics. 1 day 27 seconds
_gat_***** Be-corp Set by Google Analytics to control request rate. 1 minute
_ga Be-corp Registers a unique ID for a website visitor, tracks how the visitor uses the website. The data is used for statistics. 2 years 27 seconds
YSC Youtube Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of which YouTube videos the user has watched. Session



Youtube This cookie allows YouTube to verify bandwidth usage. 5 months 4 weeks 1 day


viewed Analytical purposes to see promotions of interest to users. Session

Advertising (non-essential cookies)

Name Entity Purpose Duration More info
fr Facebook Cookie set by Facebook. The information collected is used in their advertising products, for example, real-time bidding from third-party advertisers. 3 months
_fbp Be-corp Facebook uses this cookie for advertising purposes and for conversion tracking. 3 months 28 seconds
Facebook This cookie is set by Facebook and may be used for conversion tracking and advertising purposes. Session

For more information on the processing of personal data and transfers to third countries that, where appropriate, are carried out by the third parties identified in this cookie policy, see:




How to disable or delete cookies?

You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies or modify your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on this link:

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Information on how to manage or disable cookies in the main browsers is provided below: Additionally, you can enable, block or delete the cookies installed on your device through your browser settings. We inform you that the deactivation of essential cookies may affect the proper functioning of the Web.

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    Modification of the Cookies Policy

    The Company may totally or partially modify this Cookies Policy if required by applicable law or in order to adjust it to the cookies actually used on the Web.